“I was having problems with my teeth when I had a lucky encounter in my neighborhood with Andy Powless. He told me he was a dentist and I set up an appointment with him. I soon found out how fortuitous that meeting was. It turned out I needed a LOT of dental work. My problems had been ignored or patched over for too long. Andy gave me some options and recommendations and we soon began a complete overhaul of my mouth that included bone grafts, implants, root canals, bridges, crowns and veneers. All of this work was done with virtually zero pain–one of the most pain-free experiences in a dental chair that I’ve ever had. Because Andy is a perfectionist, the result is that I now have a healthy mouth full of perfect teeth that allow me to smile without clamping my lips together and eat an apple without worrying about losing a tooth.

On top of his skills as a dentist, Andy goes above and beyond what good customer service dictates. Not only has he picked me up for appointments, but he has brought me soup after a procedure, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to chew solid foods for a day or so. His staff has always made me feel at home and I now consider them to be friends instead of mere service providers.”